Emotional Intelligence - a very powerful development tool
Identifying talent able to drive your business forward

This assessment helps us to identify candidates who can lead, manage and perform in today’s competitive and complex marketplace.  Furthermore, emotionally intelligent people cope better with stress, low morale, conflict, and change.  It is a very powerful and professional development tool.

Whereas a Behavioural Profile predicts how someone is likely to behave in the workplace, an Emotional Intelligence evaluation reveals why the individual behaves in this way.

We use the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire© from Thomas International for this part of our service to clients

An Emotional Intelligence Assessment,  together with expert analysis from Profiling People, will reveal and explain how well your people understand and manage their emotions, how effectively they interpret and deal with the emotions of others, and how they use this knowledge to manage relationships.

The report and will help answer questions about candidates, including:

  • How aware is this candidate of their strengths and limitations?
  • Can this person modify their behaviour to suit changing situations?
  • How does this person react to pressure?
  • How well does this person cope with and manage stress?
  • Can this candidate control their impulses?
  • Is this person likely to be an effective leader/manager?
  • Is this person overly cautious or prone to taking excessive risks?
  • Does this candidate excel at developing relationships?
  • How self-motivated and adaptable is this person?
  • How self-confident is this individual?

Use of this assessment could make a tangible contribution to your business and:

  • Lead to improved communication through better awareness of self and others
  • Aid development of a more motivated workforce
  • Equip managers with the knowledge they need to be more productive and successful
  • Induce honesty in culture to help people work better together
  • Give a clear understanding of a person’s potential

Our Emotional Intelligence assessment will give clarity when identifying and choosing candidates who can thrive in a dynamic, changing environment – and truly drive your business forward.


  • Patrick has guided me in the application of profiling tools, the interpretation of their results and the development of strategies for making staff more effective

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