Urgently needing to recruit the right person for the job?
We can help you get it right!

Many of us have hired a recruit who didn’t live up to expectations. Everything went brilliantly at interview but the appointee just failed to deliver. They may have left quickly, leaving you with the heavy cost of re-recruitment, possibly up to £50,000. Even worse, they hung on, costing you daily in lost productivity and low team morale.

Our assessments can help you identify the behavioural requirements of the job and find the ideal candidate, someone who will really perform in the role and boost business performance.

We firstly construct a behavioural ‘Identifit’ of precisely the person you are looking for and then profile all applicants to find the best possible candidate for the post.

Our methodology and support can be of immense value when making key senior appointments.

  • Patrick has guided me in the application of profiling tools, the interpretation of their results and the development of strategies for making staff more effective

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