Is your workforce fully engaged?
Increase productivity - Reduce ansenteeism

McLeod’s 2009 report to government concluded that companies with engagement scores in the top quartile saw 18% higher productivity and 12% higher profitability. Yet a recent CMI study reported that as many as 40% of employees are totally disengaged from their work. Actively disengaged employees have a propensity to skip work. Even when they turn up they are physically present but psychologically absent. 

According PWC, “absenteeism is costing British business approximately £32 billion per annum, far more than previous studies have suggested. And with 20% due to reasons other than sickness, keeping staff engaged is arguably the biggest part of the battle”. 

Emotional Intelligence Assessments induce openness and honesty within company culture to help draw people together. Engagement starts with the recruitment process and is nurtured by open, regular and meaningful communications, honest appraisal and development. Using our behavioural assessments for both job role and individual will ensure managers and staff ‘fit’ your business culture as well as they ‘fit’ the role they were hired to do. Accordingly, both existing employees and newcomers will be more engaged to their work and with the company.

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