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A recent CIPD survey revealed that leadership and front-line people management are the skills that employers say they need to focus on in order to meet their business objectives over the next two years.

We can help you to quickly understand which of your managers are ripe for development and provide a framework for individually tailored training programmes.  Our general and graded aptitude and ability assessments quantify fluid intelligence (mental horsepower), showing how quickly a person will assimilate new information and learn new techniques. The tests are a measure of trainability and development potential.

For senior management development we identify key behaviours and competences through a Job Analysis Questionnaire to match against each manager’s profile. This forms the basis for a targeted development programme. Our incisive 360° and leadership assessments aid a process of continual improvement.

Research has identified that successful people in all walks of life possess a high level of awareness and control of their own emotions and those of others. Our Emotional Intelligence assessment will give clarity when identifying and choosing candidates who can thrive in a dynamic, changing environment – and truly drive your business forward. It is a very powerful and professional development tool.

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