Is conflict undermining efficiency?
Is the bad attitude of an individual undermining progress?

According to one of the leading psychometric suppliers, conflict in the workplace is widely reported to be on the increase with little sign of turnaround in the next few years. Dissatisfaction with a boss’s attitude or competence is a prime source of conflict. Many managers do not understand or, perhaps, care about the effect they have on others.

By comparing behavioural styles we can explain the causes of interpersonal friction at work and the damaging effects of conflict on individual and collective performance. ProfilingPeople’s analysis will clearly show how managers can modify their behavioural style in order to address the misgivings of others and be more successful in their jobs.

A recent CMI survey showed that 55% of workers say their manager lacks sufficient ability to do their job, 34% felt that their boss compromised job enjoyment and satisfaction and 10% blamed their superior for a decline in personal health.

Our approach delivers ways to create harmony within the workplace and engender a positive atmosphere.

  • Patrick has helped us to create a development plan for each member of staff so that we can all work more effectively as a team and as individuals

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