Are worries about change keeping you awake at night?
Clarity of purpose engenders positive attitudes to change

In today’s economic climate businesses have to adapt as never before. In response, jobs must invariably be done differently.

According to the CMI, 80% of UK managers now recognise that they have to change the way they work - and can’t carry on as they are. The way people respond to change can have a significant effect on productivity and future success.

Changing job roles create a daunting prospect for many managers and staff. ProfilingPeople can help to bring clarity and purpose to such situations and ease the uncertainty to provide a framework for positive attitudes to change.

Even very experienced and established members of management and staff can be seriously affected.  Given the speed companies must react to address changing economic times, key workers can often be asked to take on responsibilities outside their behavioural comfort zones.  This can result in highly respected employees floundering, losing face and disengaging.  Use of behavioural profiling at appraisal time will flag up such dangers, allowing early remedial action to be taken.

  • Patrick has helped us to create a development plan for each member of staff so that we can all work more effectively as a team and as individuals

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