Looking to make your appraisal system more effective?
Understand people issues affecting performance

Completing a personal behavioural profile analysis before each appraisal offers an additional dynamic to the process.

A person’s behavioural profile can change over time due to workplace or personal issues. Embedding behavioural analysis into an appraisal system can track such changes adding an objective element to the appraisal interview. Our behavioural assessments are positive, constructive and non-critical making it easier and more comfortable for your managers to address issues that might otherwise be avoided. They combine to add a new dimension to the annual review.

Given the speed companies must adapt to address changing economic times, key workers can often be asked to take on responsibilities outside their behavioural comfort zones. This can result in highly respected employees floundering, losing face and disengaging. Use of behavioural profiling at appraisal time will flag up such dangers, allowing early remedial action to be taken.

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