Understand how a person ticks and prefers to work
Identify job roles for which a person is most suited

Major Benefits from Using Behavioural Profiling

Knowing what behavioural strengths a job requires is the key to successful people and performance management. And by defining the ideal behavioural requirements of your roles, you'll be in a powerful position to make clear decisions on the best candidates for recruitment, promotion, development and redeployment.

Behavioural profiling gives an accurate insight into how people behave at work, providing a much greater level of certainty when selecting candidates to fill a job role. Additionally, as this process also highlights why a person may be struggling or failing in their present post, it represent an incisive diagnostic tool.

The assessment clearly sets out an individual’s behavioural work style and preferences. The closer a candidate’s behavioural profile matches those of their job, the more satisfied and productive the person is likely to be.

Behavioural assessments also indicate where a person is frustrated, experiencing problems, lacking direction or finding the going tough. Such information represents a constructive start point to resolving people issues affecting your business.

We use online behavioural assessments from two of the UK’s leading providers; the Quest Profiler™ from Eras Ltd and the Personal Profile Analysis© (PPA) from Thomas International UK Ltd. Both provide an accurate insight into how people behave at work, giving a much greater level of certainty for recruitment and development. They clearly set out an individual’s behavioural work style and preferences.

Various profile reports, together with expert analysis from ProfilingPeople, will raise and answer many questions about personal work styles and issues affecting current job performance and satisfaction. This can be of immense benefit when planning individual career development and identifying workforce problems.


The Job Profile

Using a Job Role Questionnaire we can accurately identify the ideal work behaviours needed for any job. It assists us to create a precise work style ‘identifit’, or benchmark, for the role. In conjunction with a behavioural profile, it allows us to match job requirements to a person’s natural work style. The process raises some additional questions to ask at interview or review, adding weight to the process. Use of the job profile achieves a greater level of certainty for:

  • identifying job roles for which a person is most suited
  • selecting the right person for the right job
  • highlighting mismatches between individuals and the job role
  • getting the best talent


Team Analysis

 Using a method similar to the Job Questionnaire we can define the optimum behavioural profile needed for a team. Whether you are putting a group of people together to fulfil a specific project, investigating issues within an existing team or looking to develop individual members, our service can help improve collective performance.

By collating individual behavioural profiles we can see what may be needed to achieve team goals.

Our Team Analysis highlights:

  • Strengths and limitations of members and the team itself
  • Likely reasons for any underperformance
  • Personality clashes and conflict
  • The leadership style that works best for the team
  • Effectiveness of communication between team members
  • Training and development needs
  • How the team is likely to react to change


The insight and awareness our analysis provides is designed to ensure teams perform to their maximum ability.





We primarily use the Eras Quest Profiler™ for our management development programmes. This in depth assessment tool studies an individual’s leadership style, team involvement and relevant aspects of that person’s behavioural make up.

The job analysis questionnaire establishes the competencies vital and most important to the role.

The Quest Premium Report produces a matrix comparing each manager’s competence levels against those required for the job role. This variance analysis forms the basis for specifying development programmes which we can support or, if required, deliver.

Try the Eras Quest Profiler™ FREE for up to five of your managers.


A person’s behavioural profile can change over time due to workplace or personal problems. Embedding profile analysis into an appraisal system can make it easier and more comfortable for your managers to identify address issues that might otherwise be avoided.

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