An expert partner manages our 360° assessments
Ensures programmes are completed on schedule

The 360 Degree Assessment


In association with Eras Ltd

360° looks at specific aspects of people’s working behaviour, such as their people management, team working or interpersonal style, with a view to improving it. It is based on objective data gathered from those well positioned to observe the individual at work – typically their own staff, peers and manager.

Feedback, whilst dealt with anonymously, is therefore very specific, meaningful and powerful.

This assignment highlights areas for personal development.

We have appointed Eras, one of the leading suppliers of this assessment, to design and manage this service.

Eras designs the 360-degree questionnaire in two ways.


OPTION 1 – Generic

A pre-designed questionnaire is used to identify strengths and development needs for those people who manage people.


OPTION 2 – Tailored

If the competencies from Option 1 do not match those required, the most appropriate ones can be chosen from the Eras competency bank.

Thereafter Eras manages the entire process, including:

  • Designing the questionnaire
  • Emailing the questionnaires to the participants
  • Keeping track of responses
  • Following up with participants who have not responded
  • Production of the individual reports

Using an expert third party to manage 360° assessments helps to ensure the programme is completed on schedule.


  • Patrick has guided me in the application of profiling tools, the interpretation of their results and the development of strategies for making staff more effective

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