Behavioural Profiling to find, recruit and develop talent

ProfilingPeople - Behavioural Profiling for Recruitment & Development


Using online questionnaires from two of the UK’s leading providers of behavioural, aptitude, ability and emotional intelligence assessments, ProfilingPeople assists companies with all areas of recruitment, selection, retention, engagement, development and talent management. We provide solutions to people problems facing our clients’ businesses.

With over 20 years of successful executive search experience, we are skilled in attracting the best available candidates in the land to fill key job roles

The more you know your people, the more you can effectively control your organisation. The power of self-awareness that our psychometric assessments provide is phenomenal.

We’re here to help and use a comprehensive raft of questionnaires and assessments to deliver our service to clients:

Behavioural analysis: An invaluable recruitment tool; the key to successful people and performance management

Recruitment: Getting it wrong could cost £50,000; we can help find the ideal candidate for the post

Retention: People leave managers - not companies; we identify problems that individuals are experiencing and help prevent loss of talent

Engagement: A vital business factor, proven to increase productivity and profitability; our assessments aid awareness of self and others to help people work better together

Development: Leadership and front line people management skills are paramount; we identify candidates who can thrive in a dynamic, changing environment to help drive your business forward

Performance: Transform the performance of individuals and teams; our service can help make measurable improvements

Productivity: Align individual strengths to job requirements to boost productivity; behavioural analysis will help achieve this objective

Motivation: Inspire everyone to be better than they ever thought they could be; our assessments help to encourage self-improvement and development

Change: Clarity of purpose will engender positive attitudes to organisational change; use of behavioural analysis can ease uncertainties and concerns

Conflict: We can explain and help reduce interpersonal friction at work; behavioural self-awareness will reveal the reasons and facilitate remedial action

Teams: Let us help improve team effectiveness and performance; our audit will tell if you are playing to the strengths of each member

Appraisal: Add a new dimension to the annual review; help your managers address issues that might otherwise be avoided

Aptitude & Ability: Test mental horsepower to assess capability; identify leadership potential and keep talented individuals motivated and challenged

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire: Distinguishes candidates who can lead manage and perform in today’s competitive and complex marketplace; a powerful indicator of development potential

360⁰ Assessment: Highlights areas for personal development; this assessment, tailored to your needs, is designed and managed by an expert partner









  • Patrick has helped us to create a development plan for each member of staff so that we can all work more effectively as a team and as individuals

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