Patrick Morris

Patrick Morris

Principal and Founder

Patrick has over 10 years’ experience as a consultant in the business use of profiling and psychometric assessments from two of the UK’s leading providers.

Previously he served 10 years as CEO of two retail companies and 4 years as main board director of a FTSE 250 PLC. He is past Chairman of the Association of Retail Food Employers.

He is an expert user and authorised distributor of The Quest Profiler™ and all other assessments from Eras Ltd, including graded Aptitude Tests, 360-Degree Assessment and the Cultures and Values Questionnaire.

Patrick is also a certificated practitioner of all assessments from Thomas International UK Ltd, including The Personal Profile Analysis© (PPA), Aptitude and Ability, Emotional Intelligence and Team Audit.

  • Patrick has helped us to create a development plan for each member of staff so that we can all work more effectively as a team and as individuals

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