Determining key behavioural strengths needed for the job

Vital for top performance!

Behavioural Profiling to Recruit, Develop and Appraise

 ProfilingPeople is a West Country human capital business consultancy providing expert recruitment support.

Applying a range of psychometric tests and analyses we assess the personal attributes needed by an individual to succeed in any job. Thereafter we use personal behavioural profiling to find an ideal candidate for the role in question, identifying the best person for the post. Our methodologies have consistently helped clients to avoid costly hiring mistakes.

The behavioural, aptitude, ability and emotional intelligence assessments we deploy promote improved team working, retention, engagement, motivation, productivity and profits. 

Ensuring key managers have the right behavioural working strengths for the positions they hold is vital for top performance and personal development.

Our diagnostic instruments also allow us to get the heart of problems such as such as high turnover, absenteeism, team underperformance, low productivity, poor attitudes, conflict and resistance to change. When things go wrong we can help to resolve issues in a non-critical, objective and positive way.

While our clients are typically in the SME sector, we also support larger organisations with recruitment, development, change, appraisals and the supply of fully managed 360° assessments.

As well as commercial businesses, ProfilingPeople has experience of working in education, the third and public sectors.

Based in Exeter, weare pleased to serve clients in the South West, London, the Home Counties, Southern England, the Midlands and Wales.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that the behavioural strengths of every individual in an organisation are understood and utilised to the greatest possible effect. The closer a person’s behavioural work style matches the requirement of the job, the more satisfied, happy and productive an appointee, whether external applicant or internal candidate, is likely to be. For recruitment, retention, succession planning, engagement and team building, this process can be invaluable.

Benefits from use of behavioural profiling are illustrated in McLeod’s 2009 report to government:

“Companies with engagement scores in the top quartile saw 18% higher productivity and 12% higher profitability”

To spearhead recruitment we construct a behavioural ‘Identifit’ of precisely the person an employer is looking for. We then profile all applicants to find the best possible candidate to fill the vacancy; someone with the personal attributes to succeed in and engage the role.

Our extensive range of questionnaires is designed to tackle personnel issues at every level of the business from boardroom, through middle management to junior staff. To aid monitoring and development we embed behavioural profiling as an additional dimension in clients’ appraisal systems. We also supply fully managed 360° reviews.

All our assessments are objective and non-critical, facilitating the successful resolution of people issues in a positive and constructive way.

A decade ago the Financial Times published a headline which still remains true today:

“We hire people for their technical skills; however we fire them for their behavioural faults”

Increasingly ProfilingPeople is seeing this issue affecting established members of management and staff. Given the speed companies must adapt to address changing economic times, key workers can often be asked to take on responsibilities outside their behavioural comfort zones. This can result in highly respected employees floundering, losing face and disengaging. Use of behavioural profiling at appraisal time will flag up such dangers, allowing early remedial action to be taken.

ProfilingPeople works in partnership with clients to support all aspects of HR and recruitment.

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