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Facilitating Development and Change


ProfilingPeople provides a unique job evaluation system© to expedite transformation, engagement, recruitment and retention.

Our interactive, customer facing, system accurately assesses the behavioural, or soft, skills needed to most effectively fulfil a job role. It identifies the personal attributes and management style that are essential to fit a company’s culture and plan for development and change.

Recruitment:       Job evaluation creates a benchmark against which candidates can be compared to identify an ideal match for a role.

Transformation:  Evaluation sets out the optimum way existing and new jobs should be accomplished to assist with planning, change, recruitment and redeployment.

Engagement:       People invariably become disengaged by the behaviour of those around them. Behavioural assessments identify the cause of problems as well as personal motivators to bring about improvements and progress.

Retention:           People leave people! Behavioural assessments led by ProfilingPeople will open dialogues to identify persons becoming disengaged and looking to quit.

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  • Patrick has helped us to create a development plan for each member of staff so that we can all work more effectively as a team and as individuals

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